Step into a world of creative wonder!

Join us this Thanksgiving weekend as you shop for meaningful gifts and one-of-a-kind treasures by 100+ regional artists!

Now a Northern California holiday tradition, this three-day bazaar at Sacramento’s Scottish Rite Center delights art lovers of all ages. As children enjoy photos with Santa and face-painting by the Moonrise Pixies and Elves, adults can meet and speak with artists, browse booths filled with juried works in glass, textiles, wood, ceramics, paper, photography, art jewelry, paintings and sculptures, all offered in a variety of price points. Proceeds from the event support participating artists, Crocker Art Museum’s exhibitions and educational programs, and Creative Arts League of Sacramento’s arts outreach to Mustard Seed School, low-cost art tours, and other important community programs.

Friday, November 27, 2020
Noon to 5 PM

Saturday, November 28, 2020
10 AM to 5 PM

Sunday, November 29, 2020
10 AM to 4 PM

Located at the Scottish Rite Center
6151 H Street Sacramento, CA 95819

Admission Discounts available: Crocker Art Letter, Sacramento Bee, Inside Publications. More information at

General admission is $8
Students and Seniors $7
Crocker and CALS members $6
Children 12 and under FREE
Parking is FREE

$15 – first photo, $5 for each additional photo

Noon – 2pm & 2:30 – 4:30pm

10:30am – 12:45pm & 1:15pm – 4pm

10:30 – 12:30pm & 1pm – 3:30pm

Join the Moonbeam Pixie Tribe for FREE Face-painting & Balloons!

Noon – 2pm & 2:30 – 4:30pm

10:30am – 12:30pm & 1pm – 3pm

10:30am – 12:30pm & 1pm – 3pm

Lynn Wood Ceramics
  Short Center Ceramics
Itsuko Zenitani Ceramics
Deborah Pittman Ceramics  
 Dania Lukey Ceramics
Erika Pazmandi-Hagen Ceramics
Lynn Swan Ceramics
Barbara Sebastian Ceramics
Alexis Moyer Ceramics
Shizuko & Toshi Shichishima Ceramics
Sharon Bloom Ceramics
Erin Jackson Ceramics
Chris Efstratis Ceramics
Eileen Goldenberg Ceramics
Hildegarde Wilson Fiber HildegardeHandwovens
Richard Davis Fiber
Marshalette Bell Fiber
Nancy Bernardi Fiber
Rachel Taylor Fiber
Tanami Takenaka Fiber
Sharon Jennings Fiber
Lucy Boland Fiber
Jennifer Shors Fiber
Joan  Maxwell Fiber
Waka Ozawa Fiber
Patricia Charley Fiber
Nora Daniel Fiber
Rosemarie Kelliher Fiber
Robin Lynde Fiber
 Sharon McCallum Fiber
Sandi Ragusa Fiber
Lynne McNulty Fiber
Katharina Ernst Fiber
Pamela Day Fiber
Sergio Martinez Fiber
Monica Keller Food
Eric Straub Food
 Joann Brian Food
Kui Chung Glass
Cristi Aloysi Glass
Michael Larson Glass
Ava Austin Jewelry
Terry Ow-Wing Glass
Phyllis Williams Glass
 Judy Butler Glass
Colleen Osland Home Décor
Kui Chung Jewelry
Hadas Kol Jewelry
Theresa Kwong Jewelry
Marirose Jelicich Jewelry
Kate Samson Jewelry
Sher Novak Jewelry
Kathleen Maley Jewelry
 Kirk McCarthy Jewelry
Aline Sar Jewelry
Katie Enewold Jewelry
 Ling-Yen Jones, Jewelry
Jason Dayne Jewelry
Kayoko Tachibana Jewelry
 Jo Stafinbil Jewelry
Christian Gardelle Jewelry
Astrid Walther Jewelry
 Juliette Smith Jewelry
Birgit Kupke-Peyla Jewelry
Victor Gabriel Jewelry
Linda Sicard Jewelry
Betty Kaneko Jewelry
Rami Bareket Jewelry
C.Fritz Pearce Jewelry
Maldonado Mischell Jewelry
LothLorien Stewart Jewelry
Paula Chang Jewelry
Gerald Dewey Jewelry
Neil Blanck Jewelry
Steve Bethel Metal
Jay Gordin Metal
Nancy Templeton Mixed Media
Laura Morton Mixed Media
Jenn Norpchen Mixed Media
James Stadler Mixed Media
Steven Johnson Mixed Media  
Cyndi DeBoard Metal  
Kay Evans Mixed Media
Karen Sanders-Betts Mixed Media
Betty Kaneko Mixed Media
John Richardson Mixed Media
Neil Blanck Mixed Media
Louise Noel Painting
Bob Miller Painting
Kay Schweizer Painting
Cheryl Wilson Painting
Rufus Chalmers Painting
Catherine McElroy Painting
Amy Moore Painting
Stuart Ratcliff Painting
Katie Wolff Painting
Joan Carroll Kudin Photography
Gail Lipson Photography
Robert Nehring Sculpture
Thomas Haddy Sculpture
Patrick McCauley Sculpture
Bill Wilson Sculpture
Sten Hoiland Sculpture
Johanna Bernardy Soap & Aromatherapy
Karen Duncan Soap & Aromatherapy
Starla Ledbetter Soap & Aromatherapy
Jocelyn Hastings Soap & Aromatherapy  
Rachael Wong Soap, Aromatherapy
Toni Leigh Soap & Aromatherapy
Mara Murray Toys & Puzzles
Lanchi Vo Wood
Roger Filippelli Wood
Robert & Tor Erickson Wood
David & Teresa Levy Wood
Richard Vierra Wood


This is your chance to win a $100 shopping spree at the Crocker Art Museum Store and a lunch for two at the Crocker Cafe!